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EUAVSEC is a German registered aviation training & consulting company with an extensive background in aviation legislation and more than 20 years management and operational experience  in cargo and passenger  airline. 

We are able to support Aircraft Operators, MRO's, Regulated Agents (RA) or Known Consignors (KC) in EU or Non-EU Member States to fulfill the latest EU and EASA regulations in differnt sectors of aviation industry. We are specialized in ACC3 valididatons and of course also in validations of RA3's and KC3's.
Our approach includes documentation and implementation of manuals and processes, compliance monitoring, safety- and security management, providing training and initial or follow-up consultancy not only on new EU requirements.
For validations on ACC3 / RA3 or KC3 we are accredited by the Appropiate Authority as EU Aviation Security Validators and successfully registered in the EU database for ACC3 / RA / KC and on the homepage of IATA.
The validations are based on the Regulation (EU) 185/2010 amended by Regulation (EU) 859/2011; 1082/2012 and 654/2013 .Fotolia 47436937 S
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Our services

  • implementing EASA Part-ORO (Organisation Requirements for Air Operations) and EASA Part-TCO (Third Country Operators) requirements
  • Validation of ACC3 / RA3 / KC3's  (Air Carrier, Regulated Agents or Known Consignors handling cargo from 3rd countries into EU)
  • admission of Operating Licence / AOC iaw Regulation (EC) 1008/2008 and CAMO approvals iaw EASA regulation
  • preparation of manuals (e.g. OM-A, OM-D, CAME, Ground Handling-, Quality-, Safety- or Security Manual) and/or processes.
  • development of Security Program for airlines, regulated agents or known consignors to meet authorities requirements in the EU/EASA and TSA environment
  • observation and adjustment of your end-to-end processes
  • auditing in Flight- & Ground Ops Environment (EU OPS 1 / EASA Part-ORO) and in Maintenance Environment (EASA Part-M, EASA Part-145)
  • preparation for IATA IOSA and ISAGO
  • development of a Management System incl. Risk Assessment
  • assisting companies with interims management on Post Holders, Accountable-, Compliance-, Safety- or Security Managers
  • providing adequate security or ops training for air- or ground crews or management

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